By Dr. Oz

According to Australian researchers from the University of Sydney, the brain contains a complex neuronal network that assesses the balance between sweetness and calorie intake.

Source: Artificial Sweeteners Lead to Weight Gain

When Dustin Hoffman’s 2007 flop of a film “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium” opened, the New York Post called it “an assault on artificial sweetness.” That’s tough criticism.

Today, we know that artificial sweeteners should be assaulted — though no one really understood nine years ago.

That’s because we now have lab-based evidence and a precise explanation of how artificial sweeteners in diet drinks and candies, yogurts, and even English muffins are doing more harm than good to your waistline.

According to Australian researchers from the University of Sydney, the brain contains a complex neuronal network that assesses the balance between sweetness and calorie intake. If that balance is out of whack (too much artificial sweet flavor, not enough calories) your brain instructs your body to get more fuel on board.

That leads to overeating and weight gain.

In addition, artificial sweeteners contribute to hyperactivity, insomnia, and poor sleep quality.

This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy sweet flavors; in fact, you should, as long as they don’t come from added sugars or syrups or artificial sweeteners.

Instead, eat 1 ounce of 70 percent cacao dark chocolate a day; enjoy two to four servings of fresh fruit (there’s nothing like a ripe peach); and get into the subtle sweetness of whole grains and veggies like bell peppers and roasted carrots.

If you give your palate time to recover from being overdosed on artificial and added sweets, you’ll find the sweetness of natural foods to be deeply satisfying.

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