Bitcoin is expected to increase in value to over 250% in 2020. The price could establish a new all-time high above the $20,000 level in 2020 as it hits crossroads with a bias-defining indicator. The benchmark cryptocurrency’s latest move uphill prompted it to retest its 20-weekly moving average on Wednesday. The technical indicator is conclusively accurate when it comes to defining the BTC price long-term trends. When Bitcoin (BTC) breaks above the MA, it tends to stage parabolic bull runs. Nevertheless, the best-case scenario shows Bitcoin attempting a 250 percent jump in the long-term. That would bring its exchange rate close to $28,000.

What does this mean for CryptoPros members? Simply that your cryptowallet’s value can increase in value if you’re putting your crypto in blockchain investments. Crypto values, much like other investments (such as stock and bonds) tend to increase in value in times of upheaval. Oil and gas prices, precious metals, ie. gold, silver, platinum, also tend to increase in value when prospects of war are making noise, much like we’re seeing today between the United States and Iran.

Getting into CryptoPros today will give you plenty time to increase, and multiply, your investments by May of 2020. With a $2 investment going to $94,000+ in less than 6 months, a “bump” of 250% in Bitcoin’s value, and a possible halve, could literally turn your $94,000+ investment into $400,000 or more. Ride this out for 12 months or more, and you can see a potential 6 to 7 figures in your investments if you parlay them in the right places.

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