I was having a conversation with a friend of mine one day last week, and she said,

“I just can’t envision making that much money in one month!”

To which I replied,

“That’s what holds a lot of people back in life. They don’t “SEE” themselves being blessed, or DESERVING to make that much money in a month’s time.”

The truth of the matter is that you have to get your HEAD right before you get your MONEY right. If you don’t SEE yourself, or “envision” yourself making that kind of money, then you will probably never do it.

But, if you put that VISION in front of you every day, I can show you how to get there in one year or less.

Go ahead: play with it. Click on the picture below and open up the income calculator and plug in some figures of what you THINK (“envision”) yourself doing.

If you work with me for the next 12 months, and you only recruited ONE PERSON per week, for 52 weeks in a row, and you and I showed them how to do the same thing, and go TEN (10) DEEP…

…yes, it’s possible. It’s more PROBABLE than possible. All you have to do is commit to working with me for the next 12 to 36 months.

Why do I say 12 to 36 months?

Because, if you can sustain the effort and work it takes to do this in one year, then do the math by doubling or tripling your results.


…you will NOT achieve these results by sitting on your ass and “wishing” it into existence.


You’ve got to HUSTLE, and TAKE ACTION… MASSIVE action, to make this happen!

The “Universe” is not going to plop this into your lap by you just sitting there in the lotus position and “thinking” it into existence. The “Universe” only works for you when you take ACTION.

Action is the last 6 letters in the word “attrACTION”.

If you’re into the “law of attraction” then you have to become the magnet, and work your ass off to get those results.

Can you build a big team? That’s up to you.

I did, and a bunch of them “flaked off” and quit.

Quitters never make any money… they’re too busy jumping around from one “shiny object” to another that they never stay long enough to see things through.

I have a database of thousands of people who are looking for this opportunity, and I can place them under you if you want to build a big team. But if you drop out… guess where your team goes?


They move up to me.

So, if you’re making money, why would you let your money go and move up to me?

That seems counterproductive.

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You might as well do it: if #COVID-19 has affected your life, then you need to take action today.

Ernest O’Dell

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