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GDI’s slogan is “Your Internet Address For Life”. The product that GDI brings to the marketplace is global domains for website and hosting packages which cost $10 per month per domain name. Each package includes a.WS domain registration, up to 10 email addresses, hosting fees, website forwarding and a website building interface that is simple to use. In addition to a proprietary web site builder, they have a perfectly integrated WordPress option with flawless functionality.

The .WS domain is a globally recognized top level domain name (TLD) and works just like any other top-level domain. Because dot com domains are a lot more expensive and difficult to purchase, the desired domain name such as, GDI makes it more readily available as a .WS domain. People, businesses, schools, sports organizations can still access and register a simple top-level domain names using the .WS domain extension.

So What Is The GDI Business Opportunity?

The GDI business opportunity is based on the MLM business model, and accepts payment by Visa, Master Card, Debits Cards, or PayPal, etc.

The compensation plan is a uni-level plan which is one of the more straightforward business models for network working. Each affiliate earns one dollar per month, per domain that is registered in their own personal network which can go five levels deep for each person. There is no limit on the width so that any affiliate can refer an infinite number of people into the company.

Affiliates also receive bonuses for referring new affiliates to the company and can realistically grow a business that pays well over a half million dollars a month. All YOU have to do is build it out to scale at least one new referral per week, for a period of 52 weeks, and do this three years in a row. Then each week, or each month, teach your referrals to do the same, or refer them to the Power Team Support Group on Facebook for consistent training.

For prospecting purposes, both email leads and telephone verified business opportunity leads are available for sale to affiliates who can’t produce their own leads, you can use “solo ads” to build your teams with paid traffic. Each affiliate receives a personalized website to introduce the opportunity online and when a prospect follows a link in an email they are taken to the presentation, they are shown an animated video about the company and are then presented a seven day free trial to get started. The ongoing cost to continue an active affiliate is only ten US dollars per month.

The GDI Power Team also has a program that shows you how to get plugged into a “rotator” so that you have paid referrals generating monthly income for you. When you’re generating anywhere from $4,000 to a half million dollars a month with the Action Power Team marketing system, why would you quit? And why would you putz out on $10 a month.

The Power Team also shows you how to build out a beautiful WordPress site on your .WS domain to produce traffic and leads, signups and CA$H!

Getting a hosted website anywhere else on the web could easily cost you more than the $10 per month. Global Domains Internation just makes good business sense to build and host your business with them!

The Secret To Global Domains International Inc Success

So, what do you need to do to create a great income with GDI? Well, seeing as though there is only a commission of one dollar per registered domain name per month, the key to creating a great income with this company is large numbers and duplication in your network. That means you need to go wide and go deep. The “Building Plan” I use can be seen here with the Income Calculator when you plug in the numbers 52 in the first box, and 10 in the second box, and see the results.

Is this possible? To build a team of people 52 wide and teach them to do the same, and go 10 deep?

Yes, it is! I did it in 17 days!

Now, that doesn’t guarantee that you will do the same, but if you have the HUSTLE, you can do it.

Is it “too good to be true”?

No. It takes work… LOTS OF WORK! And when you follow my lead, I will show you how to do it. You’re not going to make this kind of money by sitting on your ass.

So where do you start with building a large team of affiliates in your network?

The first and most crucial part to building a huge team in GDI is having an unlimited source of new leads to talk to about GDI every day.

The last thing you want to do is buy leads from anywhere, as those leads tend to be expensive. And DAMN SURE don’t buy “bulk leads” because, if you do, you’re only setting yourself up for failure. The best leads I have found have been those I gathered with solo ads, or through a system I use called MLM Recruit On Demand.

MLM Recruit On Demand (MLMROD) has a “ONE TIME” cost of $15, and you get 100 free leads every month. All you have to do is call the leads, and make notations in the calls note online so that the system will “trigger” another 100 leads to you each month. (They also give you an extra 5 leads for anyone you refer to MLMROD.)

When you learn how to generate your own leads–and it’s not that hard if you’re taught the right way–you can learn how to generate an unlimited amount of leads for your GDI business with this marketing secret. Join our weekly training where we show you how!

The second part to building a huge team in GDI is duplication. You want your team mates to be generating their own leads, too, and building huge teams of their own as well. That way your income increases–and their income increases–as they create their teams “wide and deep”.

Again, follow the process of building 52 wide and 10 deep. If if takes you 52 weeks (one year) to do it, or 17 days like I did…

…you need to start building NOW!

So, how does this process of massive duplication work?

You pass on the GDI Marketing Secret to the people in your team!

I’ll let you in on a little secret… this “GDI Marketing Secret” isn’t just a way to create new leads for your GDI business… it’s going to turn you into a money making machine and EXPLODE your business wide open. You and your business will never be the same after you understand this secret.

Global Domains International Inc. is a solid company where you can real money by using our proprietary marketing system.

Global Domains International (GDI) was founded in 1999, just before Y2K, and the domain registry company for .WS domains. GDI is based in Carlsbad, California, just north of San Diego. The CEO of GDI is Michael Starr and the president of the company is Alan Ezier.

Michael Starr oversees the marketing and technical divisions of the company and and the co-founder and president is Alan Ezier. Both gentlemen have extensive qualifications in telecommunications and e-commerce.

Global Domains International is incorporated in the State of California and is a booming company which has millions of committed members and has also been featured in the Entrepreneur Magazine. WS domain owners include US corporations such as Choice Hotels International, 3M, Geico Insurance, Bose Coporation, Sherwin Williams and Michelin Tires, Volvo and Plantronics. GDI has registered well over 500,000 domains and continues to grow.

This tutorial shows you how to build a huge team in your GDI business so that you maximize your profits each month. This is NOT “too good to be true” and it’s NOT impossible. If you follow the model outlined in this video, you can easily do this in 52 weeks just by recruiting one person a week, and teaching your team to do the same thing.

If you HUSTLE and build your team on steroids (and I’ll show you how to do that, too), you could shorten it from 52 weeks to 3 weeks. I did it in 17 days, and I’ll show you how to do it, too.

To start getting leads and growing your business on a massive scale, use the following resources below:

MLM Recruit On Demand



To start a new job using the PLS system share codes for GDI, check out this page here:

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